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    Blue Sky Bungalows – Independent Villas for Sale in Sarkhej, Ahmedabad

    Blue Sky Bungalows sarkhej ahmedabad

    Investing in a luxurious villa is a big decision and requires significant money. It has multiple benefits and is a good investing option, but a wrong decision can evade all perks, resulting in money doom.

    An ideal luxurious villa has many amenities, high-security features, privacy-oriented infrastructure, and, most importantly, promotes a peaceful lifestyle. When we decide to purchase a luxurious villa, we shall consider several things like property location, builder’s experience, city’s real estate market growth in past years, etc.

    This post will discuss BlueSky bungalows in Sarkhej, Ahmedabad, and why they are an ideal choice.

    Why Choose Ahmedabad and Sarkhej Area For a Luxurious Bungalow?

    Ahmedabad is one of India’s most idealistic cities for real estate investment, along with Mumbai, Bangalore, Delhi, and Hyderabad. Ahmedabad is an urban city with suitable infrastructure to support a luxury lifestyle. Choosing a wise city and area to invest in a luxurious villa is vital as it contributes majorly to making your living experience enjoyable.

    This city is India’s first heritage city. It has many attractive places to build luxurious bungalows, and Sarkhej is one of them. Also, the real estate growth rate in Ahmedabad’s last few years is commendable. Despite the pandemic’s hit, the prices showed a positive trend and continued to grow. It makes Ahmedabad’s real estate market a favourite for investors.

    Furthermore, unlike most luxurious villas, the BlueSky luxurious bungalow is well-connected to all the facilities like reputed hospitals, railway stations, premium schools, highways, grocery stores, and public transport. They are merely 5 to 10 distance from your BlueSky luxurious bungalow.

    It is not isolated but provides a peaceful environment to spend quality time with your family.

    About Blue Sky Real Estate Company

    Blue Sky Real Estate Co. is a real estate company with over 30 years of experience in this property building and selling field. They have completed over 90+ projects in their 3 decades-long journey and fulfilled the dreams of 7000+ people.

    The projects include building Raw Houses, Flats, Luxurious bungalows, and Independent Villas in both commercial and premium locations. Their commendable work in the real estate field makes them a prominent name in Ahmedabad’s real estate market.

    Attractive Amenities of Blue Sky Bungalows

    Blue Sky luxury bungalows have many exclusive amenities, and significant ones are as follows:

    AMCTP (Loan Paper Availability)

    Are you worried about fund availability? Well! We have good news for you. BlueSky Bungalows are covered under the AMCTP scheme, and loan papers are available for it.

    Now, you can buy your BlueSky luxurious bungalow with ease.

    Fully Furnished Living Room

    Designed by expert interior designers, BlueSky luxurious bungalow’s living room is fully furnished and has a modern, attractive design.

    Modular Kitchen with Branded Accessories

    Miss your old Kitchen whenever you shift to a new house? Now, say goodbye to this problem. Our luxurious bungalow in Sarkhej Ahmedabad has a modular kitchen that can be easily assembled and reassembled. Also, it has branded accessories fitting for your convenience.

    Space Highlights

    The Ground floor details;

    One Bed Room of 13’-0” X 13’-0”
    Kitchen ; 10’-0” X 12’-0”
    Living room 18’-6″ X 17′ -0″
    Parking area: 17’-0” X 8’-6”

    The first floor details:

    One bedroom of 11’-6” X 20’-9”
    Second bedroom of 11’-6” X 16’-0”
    Bathroom: 15’0″ X 5’-0″
    Balcony: 22’-0” X 5’-0”

    The Second-floor details:

    One Bedroom 13’-0” X 14’-3”
    Sitting Deck: 9’-0” X 9’-0”
    Terrace: 23’-0” X 18’-0”

    Common things:

    • Each floor has idle space for passage
    • Attach bathroom for each room
    • Large dining area

    High Security and Surveillance Features

    The BlueSky luxurious bungalow is in a highly secure area with 24*7 camera surveillance and security guards available. High-tech gadgets are installed in the bungalow, which allows residents to access live footage from anywhere.

    Rooftop Mounted Solar Power

    High electricity bills often become the reason for the imbalance of monthly budgets. With a pre-installed rooftop-mounted solar panel in your BlueSky luxurious bungalow, you can have enough electricity to use all home appliances without worrying about the electricity bill.

    Mini Garden on Terrace and Large Common Garden

    Each bungalow has one gorgeous mini garden on the terrace. You can use it for gardening and other fun activities. Also, one large landscape common garden is built for BlueSky Luxurious Bungalows residents that is accessible for every residence.

    Shower Panel Toilet with Jaguar Bathroom Fittings

    The bathroom is built with a shower panel toilet, and Jaquar bathroom fittings are used to give a luxurious shower experience at home.

    TV/Cable & AC point for Each Room

    It is a 4 BHK ultra luxurious bungalow. Each room will have a separate TV and a pre-fitted AC point for the resident’s convenience.

    Completely Full-Size Vitrified Tiling

    We have used completely full-size, high-quality vitrified tiling in the bungalow. It prevents your wall from scratching and is an ideal choice for luxurious bungalows.

    Modern Architectural Front Wall and Compound Gate

    The front wall and compound gate are important areas of a luxurious house and play an important role in the house’s safety and look. BlueSky’s luxurious bungalow’s front wall and compound gate’s architecture are modern and highly secure, making it premium looking.

    Teak Wood Customised Door

    Teak wood, which is known for its high tensile strength, durability, and aesthetic appeal, is used for doors. It gives a premium look to the bungalow’s entrance and makes it attractive.

    Designing and Fitting Specifications

    The BlueSky luxurious bungalow provides a truly luxurious living experience with its unmatched design and fitting specifications. We are illustrating a few highlights below:

    POP Finished Wall and Ceiling Mala Plaster with Royal Colour

    The walls are POP-finished, and the ceiling has Mala plaster with royal colours. You won’t be required to invest a heavy sum for POP and Ceiling. They are ready, and royal colours have been used for their decoration.

    Best Grade Switches, Wires, and MCBs 

    Switches, wires, and MCBs play an integral part in the home’s safety and significantly reduce electricity threats. We have used products from well-known companies like Havells and Anchor to ensure premium quality and high security.

    Premium Plumbing Accessories

    Similar to electric accessories, our team selected high-end plumbing accessories from trusted brands like Jaquar and Cera for your luxurious BlueSky bungalow. It ensures you won’t have problems like running taps, low water pressure, and clogged drains.

    Earthquake Resistant Structure

    Security is our top priority; our team has done its best to protect your bungalow from every disaster, whether from nature or humans. The BlueSky luxurious bungalow in Sarkhej Ahmedabad is earthquake-resistant, and the beam-column principle structure has been given to it.

    How to Contact?

    We have a dedicated team to answer your queries and provide honest information that helps you to make an informed decision. You can call on +91 9601291770 to schedule a visit and experience the luxury of our bungalows firsthand.


    Investing money in a luxurious villa is a big decision and requires detailed research to make the right decision. This post has covered details about BlueSky’s luxurious bungalows. If you have any queries regarding this luxurious bungalow project, please feel free to contact us and discuss your questions.

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